Don’t Knock It Til You’ve Tried It #20

#20 New Year’s Reflections and Hopes!

For this week’s mini-challenge, you might find it fun to reflect on the year that’s just gone by, and what you hope for in 2014. Despite this being an overused tradition at the end of every year, you can still find it useful to reflect on the year that’s passed and come to a conclusion about whether you actually made it the best it could have been, or whether you simply let this year pass by you. Whether you prefer to reflect on the developments of your personal life, or want to look at the broader scope of the condition of the world across a particular year, I believe this can be revealing and helpful. Depending on the conclusions you reach about 2013, set out some goals and ambitions for 2014! Now, everyone knows that New Year’s Resolutions NEVER work, as they’re generally vague or over-ambitious goals. Instead, focus on the experiences you want to have or the subtle changes you want to see in yourself or your situation. So, instead of establishing a strict goal like “Lose 20kg by June”, set out something more flexible like “Feel healthier”, and you’re more likely to actually get this complete. May the New Year bring you great happiness! And if the past year was particularly great for you and you’re already feeling nostalgic, keep in mind Shakespeare’s words “The Golden Age is before us, not behind us.” You might have been in the prime of your life previously, but you can still make this year even better!

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