Alphabetical Advice

This was inspired by a writing prompt from which goes as such: 


Below is my own list.

Adapt to change

Breathe deeply in moments of panic

Cry when you need to

Dream as if you’ll live forever*

Express yourself

Free yourself from all things suffocating

Go lovely, go *

Hastiness never ends well

Involve yourself in everything

Just do it

Keep an objective, always

Lose yourself in the moment

Music is your compass

Nature is a language *

Open your mind

Presents are best to give, not receive

Quality over quantity

 Reading is the best education

Simplicity wins

Try it all

Use negativity to your advantage

Vegetarianism for the win!

Waste nothing

‘X’ is your blank space to fill

Your life is yours

Zeal must drive everything you do


* James Dean

* A song by Avalanche City

* From ‘Ask’ by the Smiths

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