Collar Brooch Tutorial

We all have pretty little brooches or bits of jewellery that we keep, hoping to one day make some use out of it. I’ve kept a few pieces of a broken bracelet, and have finally found something to turn it into! Collar brooches are quite popular these days, but they can be quite pricey in stores. And of course, the best way to get around that hurdle is to make it yourself, following some simple tips. Firstly, what you need is:

– Hot glue gun

– Two brooches, buttons or any other embellishment that you wish to turn into your collar brooch

– Chain

– Two round, flat thumb tacks

– Two butterfly clutches

The supplies you'll need
The supplies you’ll need



1)  Firstly, use your glue gun to stick one thumb tack on the back of each brooch, like so:

Glue the tack on the back of the brooch

2) Pop the chain onto the thumb tack, forming a necklace:

Thread the ends of the chain onto each tack
Thread the ends of the chain onto each tack

3) Simply pop on a butterfly clutch over the chain now. When you put the chain onto your collar, the butterfly clutch is what you use to secure it on the back of your collar.

Apply your stopper
Apply your stopper

Happy crafting! 🙂



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