Don’t Knock It Til You’ve Tried It #1

Welcome to a new weekly segment, titled Don’t Knock It Til You’ve Tried It. The premise is simple: every Monday, I post a new activity or personal challenge that dares you to do something new, explore  a different side of yourself or to dive headfirst into a new experience. Try one a week, and you’re covered for the year. 


#1 Go a day without makeup

Of course, this challenge is only relevant if you’re normally dependent on creams and formulas. For me, personally, I’m incapable of even applying the stuff onto my face and pretty much always go without it. If you’re normally completely reliant on makeup, this is sure to be a really interesting challenge. It forces you to use your personality to be an interesting person, not your face. Hopefully, it also demonstrates that painting a new face onto your existing face every single day is not necessary. Having fun with makeup is one thing, but feeling like you NEED to put it on before popping down to your corner store is something that’s really sad to see in your friends. I mean, seriously… this:

 or this: 

To me, the choice is simple.

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