Don’t Knock It Til You’ve Tried It #17

#17 Send postcards to strangers around the world

Amidst the hectic nature of the last few weeks of school (EVER), I’ve missed one week of this installment. But never fear, here is this week’s installment of Don’t Knock It Til You’ve Tried It, in order to make it up to you. This particular challenge is one of my personal favourites. Firstly, find five random addresses somewhere in the world. I chose five random cities (from memory, Male in the Maldives, Port-au-Prince in Haiti, Vilnius in Lithuania, Bologna in Italy and Damascus in Syria). Then, I browsed around on Google maps, choosing random streets to use as the address on my postcards. From here, you can write whatever friendly or inspirational message you want, and send it off to all the corners of the world. Hopefully, your postcards will act as a welcome and uplifting surprise for a stranger somewhere out there.

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