In My Headphones: Perfume Genius

This is another regular segment that will be seen on my blog.  In it, I will simply write about an artist, either very well-known or relatively obscure, and enthuse my reasons for listening to them. Enjoy!


There are no booming trumpets, crashing drums or roaring guitar solos. Perfume Genius doesn’t need any of that. His music is incredibly low-key and non-pretentious, but certainly not boring. At times sounding like unapologetic confessions or comforting words of wisdom, Perfume Genius is able to touch a broad range of issues in a quiet and unassuming style. The muddled warmth of the first EP, ‘Learning’ was the start for Perfume Genius, allowing him to amplify his music across the world. Last year’s release, ‘Put Your Back N 2 It’ is overall more rounded, sophisticated and polished, yet blissfully unadorned.Perfume+Genius+PNG

Don’t be mistaken, however: the songs are not flat, dull terrain. Perfume Genius manages to broach many topics and emotions using a relatively small range of instruments and little special effects. His lyrics and music videos continue to follow the pattern of simplicity and beauty. It is rare when you find an artist that doesn’t feel the need to flail around on stage, spurting neon lights from their eyes and wearing tinfoil around their waist. Perfume Genius is infinitely more interesting in live performances such as this, because he can comfortably overlook the embellishments and focus on the music itself. Any time you need to listen to something cathartic, mellow or organic, Perfume Genius is the musician to go to!


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