180 Days of Goals

A few years ago, a teacher who taught a class called ‘Living a Deliberate Life’ encouraged all his students to sign up to a site called the Day Zero Project. The idea was to create 101 goals to complete within 1001 days, and the online community was meant to encourage people to actually complete their goals. I haven’t been ticking things off as regularly as I would have liked to, but I’m getting close to finishing, with only 180 days left to complete the 23 goals I still have to do. The things I have yet to complete, or am still working on, are:

  • Finish writing a book
  • Donate blood
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Get straight A’s
  • Get my work published somewhere reputable
  • Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day
  • Convert someone to vegetarianism
  • Play paintball!
  • Personalise a denim jacket
  • Lose a total of 8kg
  • Read 26 books I’ve never read starting with each letter of the alphabet (got v, x and y to do. Suggestions?)
  • Read the holy books of the Abrahamic religions
  • Write  a detailed zombie apocalypse plan
  • Memorise the names of all the countries in the world
  • Build a record cabinet
  • Put change in someone’s expired parking metre
  • Finish my ‘inspiration’ scrapbook
  • Make five decorative items
  • Beat my best score of 96.5 in an assignment
  • Go rollerblading or ice-skating
  • Go to the movies alone
  • Learn to change a tire
  • Commit 17 acts of kindness for my 17th birthday

Hopefully I shall be blogging back to you every time I complete an interesting goal and feel that it’s worthwhile to discuss why I wanted to achieve that goal and what I gained by doing so.

The hardest things on the list are definitely finishing my novel and getting published, because my writing still needs to develop in quality so much more. Achieving near-perfection in my schoolwork is also quite a huge challenge, but when I achieve it, I know I will be immensely proud.

The most rewarding goals will probably be donating blood, doing the 17 acts of kindness, convincing someone to go veg and finishing my novel. I’ll have to tick one of these off roughly every week, so I’ve got to up my game!

Wish me luck!

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