The Life of a Cripple

I have not been able to blog for almost a week now, thanks to being incapacitated. On Thursday afternoon, I elegantly managed to trip down the stairs, hit my foot against the steps at a really awful angle, and hurt it horribly. Unaware of how bad the injury was at the time, I simply headed home afterwards. It was then that I saw how horrible my foot was looking: a massive lump sticking out of the side. Not quite sure if this warranted a trip to ER, I headed off to the hospital anyway. Then follows a painful five hours in the waiting room (there were hardly any patients but it still took so long!). I was told that I’d fractured bits of a metatarsal. Adjusting to crutches has been quite the challenge, but like everything negative, there is a silver lining.

The pros are numerous. Obviously, you don’t have to do anything for yourself anymore. People rush to your every ┬ábeck and call. You can spend endless hours simply reading, with your foot propped up in a chair. There is a volley of sympathy directed at you. If you feel lazy, you can blame the foot for not wanting to do something. ‘The foot’ is a perfect excuse for anything. It’s a pretty easy conversational topic. You see the best sides of people, in terms of politeness and chivalry. You will eventually have raging biceps from using your crutches so much.

But obviously, there are cons. You’ve broken your foot, and that hurts. Everything needs to be done with the utmost care, executed with great delicacy and grace, otherwise you risk just hurting it all over again. Crutches can be a pain, tiring you out quickly and rendering you painfully slow. Everything takes twice as long, and a stroll to the shops suddenly seems daunting. Your hands become calloused and showers are life-threatening. There will always be someone who has their face glued to the screen of their phone as they turn a corner, and nearly bowl you over.

There are clearly numerous pros and cons. When something like this happens, all you can really do is try to spin it into a positive situation. Soon, my foot will heal itself up and I won’t have to wear the boot/brace thing. As cheesy as it sounds, I know it’ll make me infinitely grateful that this isn’t something permanent I have to put up with. I already appreciate every little convenience that I took for granted before.

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