Travel Wishlist Part 1

With 196 countries in the world to choose from, we really are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing amazing holiday destinations! The countries at the top of my list include (in no particular order)


The richness and variety of Indian culture and landscapes is enticing for any would-be traveller. From the hectic cities of Mumbai and Calcutta, to the dizzying array of cultures to experience, India has it all. I would personally love to see the northern areas of Ladakh and Shimla, where China and India fuse. 

As well as these natural and raw sights, India’s cities are some of the most bustling and vibrant places in the world. Beautiful examples of history and culture such as the Taj Mahal and Golden Temple also seem like absolutely irresistible sights.


The UK has been near the top of my travel wishlist for as long as I can remember. This relatively small island boasts some of the most important landmarks and historical events in history. London is a city that seems impossible to become bored of, yet if you do seek something different, the country is littered with tranquil retreats and impressive slices of history. Edinburgh in particular seems packed full of unpretentious culture, with something beautiful around every corner.



Japan is another small country that packs a huge amount to see and experience. The crazy cities of Tokyo and Osaka will ensure that you’re never bored, but there are still tranquil temples to visit when you need a bit of time out!

Photo: The Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), Japan


Morocco is a crazy fusion of cultures, with influences from Spanish, French, Arabic and the local Berber culture. The vibrant markets have got to be one of the biggest highlights that make Morocco one of the places I am most anticipating to visit sometime in the future.

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