Untranslatable Words

There are thoseĀ intangibleĀ and undefinable emotions that no words, at least just within one particular language, can ever perfectly capture the meaning of. All you can do is gesticulate madly and hope that the people you are talking to can make sense of all your movements when you are completely at a loss for words. Luckily, we can draw from the knowledge of the thousands of languages in the world, and find words that can identify certain feelings perfectly. Young graphic designer Pei-Ying Lin has narrowed down some of the best words from other languages that express certain emotions perfectly, and has created an infographic to painstakingly present them to us. Below is Pei-Ying’s infographic, to hopefully allow us to add a few words into our vocabulary for those moments when we do not know how to express ourselves (click for greater resolution):

Matrix Of Emotions

For more of Pei-Ying’s work, see here.

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