Writer’s Block Remedies!

A writer’s block is every wordsmith’s worst nightmare! Sometimes what you need to get the creative juices flowing is a walk, a nap, or just some good old fashioned writing prompts. Here’s a list of 10 great prompts to spark pages and pages of writing:

  1. Write about an irrational fear
  2. People-watch, and write about an interesting character you see
  3. Base your story on your favourite song lyric
  4. Sit out on a street corner and write about all the sounds you hear
  5. Write about something sitting in the corner of your shelf, something that you’ve neglected for years
  6. Pick a fascinating moment in history, then write about how the world would be if that event had taken a different course or not even happened at all
  7. Write about your favourite childhood memory
  8. Write about a pivotal crossroads in your life, and how things would be different if you’d gone down the other path
  9. What’s your greatest qualm about the universe?
  10. Write about the trait you admire the most, and write about a character who either embodies or severely lacks this trait
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