Coastal Town

Original Poem

Written November 2013

Neglected milk bottles ferment in stagnant rows
Letter boxes spew their forgotten contents
The grass grows to Kruger Park heights
Shadows peer from the shattered windows
That gape like hollow eye sockets
Somewhere, a siren howls, unanswered,
As the shadows hiss the familiar words:
We shall fight on the beaches

This nuclear shell of a town lays empty
Where dreams were once etched into wet concrete
And rousing speeches had boomed
Promising infinite bounties to the loyal
The echoes of these promises still cling to street corners,
As living skeletons inhale smoke compulsively
to hasten the Grim Reaper to their doorstep, who rasps:
We shall fight on the beaches

Children are weary from all that they’ve seen,
Concave from the burdens they bear
The days are now scavenging charades
The men, lost in faraway battles
Over time, the waves have grown bigger
And the tide failed to reel them back in,
The waves escaped the boundaries of the beach,
The sand settled on our streets and the waves raged in our minds

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