The Water Spirit

Original Poem

Written March 2014

The water lay calmly, belying its intentions.

What began as a ripple slowly gained momentum.

The sea gained its confidence, rising to challenge the wind.

Splashes began to lick the sky

Soon growing into rumbling waves.

Before long, the sea began to boil

Whilst the wind tried to tame its opponent,

Curling the water, twisting it, making it dance.

The convergence of forces was a Trojan battle re-enacted

As the water struggled to be seen,

And the wind fought to restrain it.

With every push, the water stood tall for a moment,

Like an icicle of power standing rigid, or

A liquid mountain temporarily frozen,

Foaming furiously,

Powerful in its brief moment of glory,

Before bending down to the will of the wind.

But each time, denying defeat, it bubbled up once more

Refusing to drown in feelings of unfulfillment.

With every cascade of water, a roaring siren song was sung

A battle cry, a shout lasting as long as a swimmer’s gasp for air.

The stinging smell of salt infiltrating the air,

Lingering stubbornly,

Not letting its memory be washed away.

The daily struggle was worth it,

For that one captivating torrent of resistance,

Rather than admitting defeat from the beginning.

Every day the water battled relentlessly,

Endless loops of waves rising beautifully,

Only to be overcome after just a moment.

And yet, I watch this struggle with awe,

During the day, until the day meets the night,

And even when the night meets the dawn again

Hoping in vain that one day, the water will win.


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