Sharpie Mugs!

After a quick browse on the internet, it is apparent that people are charging upwards of $15 for a coffee mug with a bit of text on it. Pfft, I say! It’s ridiculously easy to create your own mug with a variety of patterns and texts. Really, your own creativity and skill is the limit for this, not the contents of your wallet. (This project was inspired by a bunch of other things floating around on the internet, primarily A Beautiful Mess and Pinterest).

The instructions go as follows:

1) Grab yourself a plain ceramic mug

2)MugAztec Doodle your little heart out. Some awesome beverage-related ideas include ‘Vitamin Tea’ or ‘Mr Tea’. I also drew a caffeine molecule on a mug for my friend who is a massive science buff. Other ideas include cityscapes, animals or favourite quotes. The possibilities are literally endless.

3) Place the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius (about 350 degrees Fahrenheit). On a sheet of baking paper helps, but I didn’t think it made a difference. Just treat it very delicately when you take it out, lest you smudge all your hard work off.

Mug inOven

And there is your lovely mug, all done! The biggest tips to prolong the life of your precious mug is to touch it by the handle only when you take it out of the oven, otherwise you will smudge it terribly. Also, handwash it every time to keep the design intact for as long as possible. Even if the design gets chipped off a little bit, it’s easily fixed!

Happy crafting!

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